An unmistakable silhouette

An automobile of extreme beauty, the Maserati Quattroporte S Q4 possesses sleek and dynamic lines. The traditional Maserati grille, with its vertical slats, is a modern take on the GranTurismo’s front grille and those of other Maserati classics from the past. The eye is drawn over the imposing engine hood and new LED daytime-running lights, aesthetic details that reflect an elegant and forward-thinking design.


The agile supersedan that blends style and power

Maserati’s tradition of luxury and performance

From the three distinctive air vents set behind the front wheels, the design lines of the Maserati Quattroporte S Q4 sweep along the flanks, describing a dynamic profile. The three large windows and frameless doors, together with the triangular C-pillar, echo a contemporary yet classic Maserati style. These features combine to give the car the look of a sleek coupe, with a long, elegant wheelbase that promises a comfortable ride and spacious interior.

Rear lights

The wraparound sidelights frame the LED rear tail lights and integrate perfectly with the bumper, while a chrome central trim mirrors the shape of the grille to create a harmonious design, front and rear. The rear spoiler, discreetly integrated with the trunklid, generates downforce while maintaining the sophisticated look of a luxury sedan.


 Some features make the Maserati Quattroporte S Q4 instantly recognizable: the twin oval tailpipes catch the eye while the 19-inch Tritone rims—fitted as standard and echoing the Maserati badge—are immediately recognizable for their strong design and inimitable style.


An exclusive interior, painstakingly handcrafted in the finest tradition

Stepping into the Maserati Quattroporte S Q4 is like entering an exclusive lounge. Although extremely intuitive, the onboard controls are understated so that they don’t steal the limelight from the real stars: the fine surfaces and luxurious materials. Sumptuous Italian Premium leather, elegant stitching details and fine wood trim emphasize the sleek lines of the dashboard, central tunnel and doors, enveloping the passengers in an atmosphere of luxury.

An elegant dashboard that alludes to speed

The tapered lines of the dashboard are punctuated by a broad central band running across its entire width in a celebration of speed and elegance. Simplicity and quality are expressed through finely crafted details such as the brushed aluminium framing the display of the Maserati Touch Control, a dominant element at the center of the dash.

Space reigns supreme

On board the Maserati Quattroporte S, comfort is a wonderful sensation, most keenly experienced when on the move. Special attention has been paid to the seating design, in an interior layout that maximizes the sense of spaciousness for front and rear passengers. The long wheelbase of the Quattroporte has enabled Maserati to offer rear passengers a degree of legroom that few sedans in its category can match.

The soundtrack of our emotions

The 8.4-inch display of the Maserati Touch Control, located at the center of the dashboard, is a comprehensive control panel that allows simple operation of the many information and entertainment devices in the Quattroporte. Seated inside the sumptuous interior, the pleasure of in-car music reaches new heights thanks to state-of-the-art car audio technologies developed together with specialist engineers Bowers & Wilkins.

Lighting with an original glint

The Maserati Quattroporte redefines the concept of luxury in every detail. The elegant atmosphere of the interior is enhanced by an innovative night-lighting system: an optic fiber cable runs along the dashboard and doors, creating a soothing mood at home in an exclusive lounge. There is also white backlighting on the instrument panel, where the speedometer and rpm-counter are separated by a display that shows the car’s dynamic data.


For music connoisseurs seeking more power, more dynamism, and an extra dimension of emotional realism, the Harman Kardon Premium Sound System brings new levels of audio refinement to the Maserati Quattroporte. With ten high-powered speakers carefully positioned throughout the cabin, the system produces 360 degrees of sublime sound reproduction regardless of the listeners' seating position. A special high-performance subwoofer handles the low-end frequencies with ease, whilst the mid-range drivers and tweeters ensure that every instrument makes its presence felt on this virtual concert platform.

Concert-hall acoustics thanks to the Bowers & Wilkins High Premium sound system

The Maserati Quattroporte can be equipped with the highest option offered with Premium Surround system, created in association with high-end sound specialists, Bowers & Wilkins. The system, with a 16-channel, 1,280-watt amplifier and 15 speakers, blends perfectly into the design of the interior and guarantees unparalleled sound with unbeatable dynamic purity.

When music is played on a digital device, it is digitally compressed, which inevitably removes many of the subtle audio details that were originally recorded. To rectify this, the Bowers & Wilkins System features a special music restoration process called Clari-Fi, which instantly scans all types of compressed audio files and intelligently corrects any deficiencies detected. As a result, the missing highs and lows are recaptured, vocals are restored to their natural tone, and distortions are removed.


Driven by innovation

Innovative, lightweight and versatile, the 3-liter, twin-turbocharged V6 that powers the Quattroporte S Q4 develops 404 HP at 5500 rpm. In Sport mode, peak torque of 406 ft-lb is reached at just 1750 rpm. The impressive torque figure of 136 ft-lb per liter means that power is delivered smoothly and decisively, making a car that is rewarding to drive and that reacts to every input of the driver.

Top-drawer performance

The V6 of the Quattroporte S Q4 remains true to the tradition of high-performance Maserati engines and shares many mechanical parts with the V8 unit fitted to the Quattroporte GTS. The bore values of the two engines are identical, as is the valve-control technology and the direct injection system. These refined solutions push the car from zero-to-60 mph in just 4.8 seconds (zero-to-100 km/h in 4.9 seconds) and a top speed of 175 mph (283 km/h).

All-wheel drive and sports handling

Compact, light and efficient: these are the characteristics of the sophisticated Q4 all-wheel drive system of the Quattroporte S Q4. Ensuring driving sensations typical of a rear-wheel vehicle, even in low-grip conditions, the setup is intelligently managed and continually varies the torque between all four wheels by analyzing a series of parameters related to the driving style and road conditions.

The Q4 system delivers drive to the front wheels instantly

In normal conditions, the Q4 system routes 100% of the drive to the rear wheels but, when grip levels drop, or when there is no rear-end grip, the required power is transferred instantly to the front wheels and continues to be delivered until the drive is balanced between the axles. The setup results in extremely sporty handling and peerless traction along with elevated safety levels.

New, high-performance 8-speed automatic transmission

The impressive torque of the V6 engine that powers the Maserati Quattroporte S Q4 is delivered through an all-new, 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. Assisted by auto-adaptive software able to recognize a driver’s style, as well as road conditions, the system modifies gear changes accordingly. The new transmission is lighter and more efficient than its predecessor and boasts five working modes: Auto Normal, Auto Sport, Manual Normal, Manual Sport and I.C.E. (Increased Control & Efficiency).

Pure driving pleasure

Size and agility turn out to be compatible: despite having the longest wheelbase in its class—resulting in unmatched interior spaciousness and comfort—the Maserati Quattroporte S Q4 does not compromise on handling. Driving the car is like being in a much smaller vehicle, a sensation made possible by the optimal front/rear weight distribution and a sophisticated suspension system that makes the Quattroporte S Q4 a Maserati in the truest grand touring tradition.


Standing out in style

Attention to details is in our heritage, an obsession of Maserati builders. The wide choice of interior finishes can be combined with a range of body colors and four wheel rim designs.Standard in black,brake calipers can be optionally specified in red, blue or silver.

Track-derived carbon fiber, gearshift paddles and sports pedals

For drivers seeking an even more dynamic look, the dashboard’s wide middle band, the central console and the door inserts are available in glossy carbon fiber, on request. Optionally, the sporty look can be completed with aluminium gearshift paddles, set on the steering column behind the wheel, and by a brushed steel and rubber finish to the pedals.


Wood finishes in the finest Italian motoring tradition

One of the distinctive features of the Maserati Quattroporte S Q4 is the central band of the dashboard extending the entire width of the cabin, which imparts an exclusive atmosphere to the luxurious interior. Refined open-pore Radica trim is fitted as standard, and can be substituted with Tanganika, Ebano, or Erable, a maple wood featuring an intricate burl texture and glossy finish. A polished carbon-fiber look is also available for those preferring a sporty performance touch.

Luxury Italian leather and supple Alcantara®

The sumptuous Italian leather that adorns the seats, dashboard, door panels and central console is available in four colors. Two other hues are an option if clients specify a two-tone interior. An even higher grade of leather is optionally available, as is Alcantara®, for the central seat sections. There is also a selection of five colors for the steering wheel.

Ermenegildo Zegna dressed Maserati


Dedicated craftspeople choose to work with only the finest materials available; how fitting that Maserati has commissioned Ermenegildo Zegna, one of the world’s foremost fashion houses and producer of fine fabrics. The company, still in family ownership after over 100 years, has much in common with Maserati, with its Italian tradition of excellence and innovation.

The partnership will produce new, exclusive Zegna Edition interiors, creating a dynamic contemporary look for the Quattroporte. The models stand out from the current Quattroporte range thanks to its special colour finishes, materials and trims. They are a tribute to the harmony of opposites, a stylistic synthesis between sophisticated design and technological dynamism.

This exclusive new product style interpretation targets the most discerning drivers and passengers, a luxury bracket of precious detail lovers. They know luxury by feel, and will no doubt feel fully indulged surrounded by the truly exquisite materials chosen for the Zegna interiors. The finest leather is combined with natural fibre Zegna Mulberry Silk inserts on the seats, door panels, roof lining, sunshades and ceiling light fixture. The Silk is embellished with a hand-stitched micro-chevron. Seating features a central silk insert with a macro-chevron weave. Door panels, roof lining and sunshades are covered with Zegna silk jersey. Three different colour combinations of leather/silk and contrasting stitching will be offered. In all, the Zegna Edition Quattroporte marks the first milestone toward the renewed, future product line-up for Maserati, further enhancing the character and aesthetic value of this iconic marque.


State of the art safety & technology

The body frame of the Quattroporte, constructed around a rigid steel safety cell, is made largely from alluminum, whilst special stiffening cross members ensure outstanding torsional rigidity. The Quattroporte also features a range of active safety systems including the Maserati stability system which is an advanced electronic control system.

The very highest levels of passive safety

The Maserati Quattroporte is equipped with six airbags. Two front airbags, both dual-stage, protect the driver and front passenger in the event of collision, whilst their chests and hips are further protected by two side airbags located in the front seats. There are also two window airbags fitted in the roof next to the central pillar that protect the heads of the front and rear passengers if the car is struck from the side. The seatbelts, both front and rear, are fitted with electronically controlled pyrotechnic pretensioners and the latest generation load limiters. The system communicates with a sensor to determine the seriousness of a collision, and then instantly reels in the optimum amount of belt so that the body is effectively restrained. If the car is hit from behind, the active headrests of the two front seats automatically move closer to the passenger’s head to reduce the risk of whiplash injury.


These safety systems constantly monitor the space between the Quattroporte and other nearby vehicles. When a side or rear blind spot is encroached upon, for instance by another driver changing lanes, illuminated icons appear in the door mirrors and an audible alert is sounded.

Tech Specs

Length 207.2 in (5,262 mm)
Width (with side mirrors) 82.7 in (2,100 mm)
Width (without side mirrors) 76.7 in (1,948 mm)
Height 58.3 in (1,481 mm)
Wheelbase 124.8 in (3,171 mm)
Front track 64.4 in (1,635 mm)
Rear track 64.8 in (1,647 mm)
Front overhang 38.1 in (968 mm)
Rear overhang 44.2 in (1,123 mm)
Turning circle 38.7 ft (11.8 m)
Trunk capacity 18.7 cu ft (530 L)
Fuel tank capacity 21.1 gal (80 L)
Curb weight 4,233 lb (1,920 kg)
Front 245 / 45 R19
Rear 275 / 40 R19
Number of cylinders and layout V6 60° - Automatic 8 gears
Displacement 182 cu in (2.98 L)
Bore 3.4 in (86.5 mm)
Stroke 3.2 in (80.8 mm)
Compression ratio 9.5:1
Max. power output 404 HP / 301 kW (410 CV)
Engine speed at max. power output 5,500 rpm
Peak torque 406 ft-lb / 550 Nm (in overboost)
Engine speed at peak torque 1,750 - 5,000 rpm (in overboost)
S Q4
Top speed 175 mph (281 km/h)
Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph 4.8 sec (0 to 100 Km/h; 4.9 sec)


Solid Paint
Power sunroof
Adaptive Bi-xenon headlights with integrated DRL led lights
Power Trunk Closer
Full LED taillamps
Chromeline Exterior Trim
Front grille in gloss black with chrome surround, side ornamental grilles in black
Side Mirrors: automatically dimming, heating & folding w/integrated turn signals
High pressure front headlamp washing system w/heated windshield nozzels
High thermal / noise insulation laminated glass
Lightweight trunk lid construction, with keyless opening and remote key unlocking
Exhaust with two dual tailpipes in chrome stainless steel, pneumatic valves controlled via sport button


Radica open pore wood trim (satin finish)
Electronically Adjustable steering column w/ Multi function three spoke steering wheel
Instrument cluster dials in Maserati blue, w/white backlighting and 7" multifunction display
Front seats in leather with V6 specific design "vertical ribs"
Trident logo embossed on headrests
Standard grain leather upholstery on upper/lower dashboard, armrests, door handles, and seats. Steering wheel and gear knob in fine leather
12-way adjustable front seats with heating and two memories for driver side
Rear bench seat with folding backrest (40%)
Power rear side window sunshades
Night ambient lighting
Shift Paddles

Wheels and Brakes

19-Inch Poseidone alloy wheels (tires F:245/45 R 19 - R:275/40 R19)
All Season Tires with 19 inch wheels
Front Brakes: 6 piston aluminum calipers with dual-cast ventilated rotors 360 x 32mm
Rear Brakes: 4 piston aluminum calipers with ventilated rotors 350 x 28mm
Matt Black Painted Brake Calipers
Tire sealing compound and electric air compressor
18-inch spare wheel

Comfort & Convenience

Key fob with remote start function
Extended Key-less entry including rear doors
Remote Starting
Automatically dimming rear view mirror & side mirrors
Cruise control
Dual zone automatic climate control with 13 air outlets
Home Link integrated 3 channel remote garage door opener
Power rear sunblind
Rear seat bench - heated


MTC "Maserati Touch Control" 8.4" touch screen display: navigation, radio, CD/DVD, audio/video player, SD card reader, USB, Aux-in, Apple chip, bluetooth function for audio streaming, climate controls, phone devices, car set up, etc.
SIRIUSXM Radio w 90 day subscription
SIRIUSXM Travel Link + Traffic for 48 months
Harmon Kardon Premium Audio Sound System - 10 speakers (900 W)
Engine Start/Stop System
Sport mode (accelerator map, engine, MSP system, exhaust system, transmission)
Suspension stiffness control
Automatic headlight activation
Front and Rear parking sensors
Rear view camera with image displayed on center MTC
Electronic parking brake
Power assisted steering, with speed sensitive feature
Rain sensor


Air-bag system: dual stage front bags, side bags, head bags
Front seat belts with pre-tensioners and load limiters
Blind Spot Monitor
Maserati Stability Program

Current Offers

MY16 Maserati Quattroporte S Q4 (AWD)
V6 Twin-Turbo Engine 404 hp, 406 ft lb

Lease: $1,049/month* Disclaimer

Finance: 0.9% APR for up to 60 months* Disclaimer

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